What is this?

This is a tool for Eve Online aimed at being able to quickly price check items in bulk.

How are prices calculated?

Prices calculated from recent market data from Eve Online's ESI API. Items with low (or no) market volume use CCP's pricing estimates.

What does a purple row mean?

Purple rows are items that Goonpraisal had a hard time finding an accurate and current price for. This is usually caused by low (or no) market volume for that item.

Caveats/Known Issues

Is there an API?

Yes! A very simple one, but it will probably get you what you want. Click here to see the API Documentation.

Why's this so similar to evepraisal.com

This is a fork of evepraisal.com, which is originally written by "Magerawr", and it's not bad. I just wanted to add 1DQ1-A to it. I can't promise I'll backport new features continuously.

Original contact details

He gets a lot of mail so I don't have the time to respond to everyone.

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